Hero Forge Prints

Hero Forge is one of the most popular online tools for designing your own miniatures. Once you’ve finally settled on what hair you’d like, you have the option to pay a small fee to download the .STL file (3D model file) from Hero Forge and it’s yours to keep.

We’ll happily print your .STL file and send you a gorgeous physical copy of your wonderful (or insane) miniatures. This process involves us carefully supporting your model to prepare it for printing (each model takes about 1 hour of careful work to prepare: no awful computer-generated auto-supports here!), then we print and post-process it just the same as we do any other mini, securely package it and deliver it safely to you.

Why not let Hero Forge print it?
Well you can and they do offer this service. It costs $29.99 for a comparable product and we print ours at a higher resolution (0.025mm layer height) in our premium, tough, high-detail TGM-7 resin. You also don’t receive a copy of the .STL for that money.

How does the model size work?
When making your Hero Forge model, some items will have either an XL or XXL label on them. XL tags indicate complex or especially large pieces (e.g. a huge Warhammer or wings). XXL models are either mounted or have four or more XL parts. Please double check you have the right size before you make your purchase. To be sure, you can select the ‘Buy’ menu on the Hero Forge website and you will see whether XL or XXL surcharges apply to the model you have created.

What do I do with my .STL file?
Simply email the file to todd@figureforge.store quoting your order number.

Can I buy multiple minis now and send files over at a later date?
Unfortunately not. If you’d like multiple minis printed, please send over all of the STLs at the same time.


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